What is a Workstation Laptop?

Workstation laptop or some of you might call it as mobile workstations, is gaining popularity amongst business goers and those who are in need of a super-fast power-packed performance for handling their workload efficiently.

Most of us often consider a gaming laptop to be a workstation laptop, but actually, it isn’t. There is a huge difference between the two and in this article, we are going to discuss in detail a workstation laptop.

Workstation Laptop

This type of laptop is the big brother of all the different types of laptops you’d find in the market. It is a steep step ahead of both gaming and business laptops on all fronts.

In terms of dimensions, weight, price, and performance, it is a bigger, chunkier, heavier, pricey and high performer of them all. All the business-specific components are used, thus making it an all-around performer.

Workstation laptops use the high-quality graphics card, which you won’t even see on some expensive gaming laptop models. Digital animators, computer tool-based business administrators, and others will find this type of laptop extremely useful.

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The features and specs that you might find on a workstation laptop varies from one model to another and also from one brand to another. But, to understand the technical aspects of a workstation laptop, you need to know the basics that this product is developed around.

  • SSD - Solid-state drive is different to that of your typical hard drive since it does not have any moving parts, thereby giving more performance and durability. SSD does not have any impact from physical damages. It offers you the ability to run programs 24X7 without losing performance and consistency.

  • ECC - This is Error Correcting Code, which can be found only on workstation laptops. All the single-bit errors will be identified and rectified by an ECC memory. As a result of this, all your regular programs can be handled without any delay.

  • Processor cores - A workstation laptop uses several processor cores to handle all the complex programs that a user might throw at it. Programs that tend to use a lot of memory can be handled round the clock without any issues using a workstation laptop. Large quantities of data can be handled swiftly and efficiently using many processor cores.

  • Improved GPU - The graphics processor unit on a workstation type of laptop will be much more advanced and better equipped. All your graphics intense tasks, such as CAD, can be handled without any lag or poor performance. The jobs that a graphics card handles will now be handled by the GPU, thus the entire process will be smooth and solid. Workstation laptops either use NVIDIA Quadro or FirePro from AMD in their high-performance state.

  • Redundant Array of Independent Disks - This is shortly termed as RAID and it utilizes many hard drives to store and process data. It eliminates the chances of a system crash, thereby providing an efficient working environment.

Discussed above are some of the key technical specifications you could find in some of the best workstation laptops. Few entry-level models might not have all these features, but to have some of them will help you make the most of the purpose that a workstation laptop is intended to deliver.

Uses of a Workstation Laptop

Workstation laptop is not an ordinary laptop, which you might have known from the discussion we’ve had so far. It is not intended just for email and general browsing purposes; instead, it is the tool that any professional businessmen need to possess.

The drivers used in a workstation laptop let you perform different professional duties in a seamless fashion. Design jobs, such as CAD, 3D rendering, multimedia, engineering design, scientific design tasks, animation, and so on, require complex machinery and performance-enhancing features, which is exactly what you’d get from a workstation model.

Apart from all the complex programs that a workstation model of laptops can handle, it can be used for handling even some of your basic computing tasks, such as email, browsing, and more. You can certainly use them even for gaming because the performance offered by a workstation laptop is much above what you could expect from a gaming-specific model.

Workstation laptop is worth every penny, especially for businessmen and professionals who are always working on some kind of a pro application or the other. Any application that eats up a lot of space and processing time can be handled in an efficient manner using this type of laptop.

The technical specs, such as improved graphics card, ECC memory, many processor units, etc. can be found only in a workstation laptop. If your work demands performance, then this is the type of laptop you might ever need.

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