NVIDIA Quadro for Gaming – Is it the Right Choice?

Is Nivida Quadro good for Gaming? Well, the answer is “NO”

When you are at your laptop or PC, no matter what task are you performing, the visual experience has to be good. When you are settling for a match in PUBG, you want to feel like you are jumping off the real airplane. When you are rendering images in AutoCAD, you want to take a look at the authentic representation of your product. In both cases, you require a graphics card to meet your expectations.

While going through the hardware catalog, looking for a suitable gaming GPU, you might have got stuck against the terms “NVIDIA Quadro” and “NVIDIA GeForce.” The earlier one is an entirely different series from the brand NVIDIA and in no way aligns with the mainstream GeForce graphics, that we’re all accustomed to.

So what are these Quadro graphics for? Who are these made for? How are these different from the GeForce graphics? Is Nvidia Quadro Good for Gaming?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered with all your questions and dilemmas.

NVIDIA Quadro for gaming? (The Ultimate Guide)

GeForce vs Quadro

It is essential to note that all the NVIDIA graphics cards are built on the same GPU architecture. That means if all the graphics employ the same GPU architecture, then both Quadro and GeForce must be the same, Right?

But it’s wrong. Each version of the graphics card differs from others in terms of the components it utilizes for the graphical processing. For example, NVIDIA Quadro P6000 and GeForce GTX 1080 both have the same Pascal architecture. But the Quadro P6000 manifests to perform 8.9% faster in synthetic tests compared to the GTX 1080 graphics card. The reason is that the earlier one has a wider memory bus and more pipelines.

So this clarifies that despite two graphics card developed on the same architecture can still differ in the performance. The disparity in the processing ability accounts for the principal difference between the Quadro and GeForce graphics cards.

On a general note, the Quadro cards have more computing power than the GeForce cards. Another factor that sets both the types of NVIDIA graphics cards apart is the graphical memory. The Quadro cards come with a lot more memory contrasting to the GeForce card, which holds a massive advantage in a professional trade.

The advanced technologies infused inside the Quadro cards help it render the objects more precisely. For example, the double-sided polygon rendering with CAD programs makes Quadro an obvious choice for these types of tasks. Contrary to this the GeForce graphics cards prioritize speed over precision. GeForce cards can afford more frame rates per second, but cannot equal the precision offered by the Quadro cards.

So, Are NVIDIA Quadro Cards Good For Gaming?

We are coming to the most sought after questions of whether the Quadro graphics card can be used for gaming or not. The precise answer would be yes, but the question should be put as “should you use it for gaming”.

If you prioritize working on AutoCAD, involve in professional-grade video production, and 3D creation but also intend to do gaming, then go with Quadro cards. But if all you want is gaming, then Quadro cards shall not be able to provide the bang for your bucks. The GeForce cards offer faster GPU clock speeds that are much needed for gaming. For example, the GeForce GTX 1070 can be boosted up to the speed of 1683MHz, whereas the more expensive Quadro P2000 can make up to only 1470MHz.

Also, the GeForce cards provide versatility and more value to their users. Even GeForce can handle a little 3D rendering and video production as well.


What is the Nvidia Quadro used for?

Nvidia Quadro graphics cards find primary employment in workstations running CAD/CAE applications. The processing ability and memory space of the Quadro cards is much more than GeForce. The independent software vendors (ISVs) like Autodesk, PTC, Siemens, and many more certify Quadro cards for use in their applications.

Can Nvidia Quadro use for gaming?

Nvidia Quadro graphics can be used for gaming but will provide an inferior gaming experience. Unless gaming is your second priority and running professional software, the prior one, investing in Nvidia Quadro, would be a wrong decision.

What is the difference between Quadro and GeForce?

In general, both Quadro and GeForce hold the same type of architecture, but it is the number of graphical processing components that creates the difference. High-end software uses OpenGL, whereas low-end CAD software and games use DirectX. Quadro graphics cards have firmware optimized for OpenGL, whereas the GeForce cards support a confined set of OpenGL. Hence GeForce cannot run the high-end applications well.

Is Nvidia Quadro k2100m good for gaming?

The Nvidia Quadro k2100m graphics card is compatible with DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.3 and is employed in mobile workstations. Quadro is Nvidia’s brand for graphics cards dedicated for use in professional applications like CAD. This card is for average gamers who can play low to medium level games.


If you’re still unable to figure out whether to go with Quadro or GeForce cards, then first determine your purpose. If you are a gamer, then no questions asked, GeForce is the star. If you’ll be using the system for CAD applications all day long then, Quadro will get your job done efficiently. Yes, the Quadro cards are much more expensive than the Geforce ones, but it is worth the power, reliability, and features it provides to your workstation.

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