7 thoughts on “HP Pavilion 15-cx0056wm Gaming Laptop Review”

  1. I bought this laptop for my son for Christmas last year and after only 10 months the plastic housing around the screen and hinge fell apart from opening and shutting the lid. The mounts for the screws or rivets on the inside of the lid that held it together around the hinge broke off. Awesome PC until it fell apart. He treated it like it was his baby. And you would think that something like this would be covered under the warranty, but that’s a big fat no. It will cost me $400 to have HP fix it. And who’s to say it isn’t going to happen again in another 10 months. I have it all taped together so he can still use it and to keep the lid/screen from fold backward since the integrity of the frame and hinge are completely ruined.

    1. LaptopDiscovery

      Hello Kyle Andrews,

      We understand your pain. Thank you so much for writing to us. We’ll definitely mention your point in the posts where we’ve mentioned this laptop. Thanks for giving us a mark on its durability. We appreciate it.

  2. I’ve found a used one on Facebook Marketplace for $400. They are normally $650 on Amazon. The seller claims they’ve had it about a year and the only reason they are selling it is because they upgraded. Is there a better laptop out now that would be worth full price or is this a good deal on the used one if its in good condition?

    1. LaptopDiscovery

      Hello Daniel,
      Firstly thanks for visiting LaptopDiscovery
      Now, since you mention that someone is selling it for $400, it can be a good deal to go for at this price range (only if the laptop is in good condition). Also, if your budget is around $600, then I would recommend you to check out the best laptops under $600 post on our website. Also, if you can specify what job you gonna do with your laptop, it will be easy for us to recommend a laptop according to your needs.

  3. I’ve had this laptop for a year now and it has never fallen short of my expectations. The problem I have with this device is the low ram. I’m thinking of upgrading the ram sometime. Overall, it had never disappointed.

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