5 Essential Windows Apps for Students

Mankind took the drug of prosperity willingly, and we are accelerating our speed every day. The most crucial part of this race is left for the students. And technology is raining opportunities for them. But to stay on the right track, they must know what to select. And today’s discussion over these five essential Windows apps for students is our gentle effort towards the same.

Worldwide developers are thriving with new ideas, inventing more advanced tools to make learning fun for future builders. But more paths often lead you to more confusion. That’s why we have shortlisted only five essential apps for all the students using the Windows platform.

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Best Essential Windows App for Students

1. OneNote

Photo Credit: One Note Office

Who says that only office goers get the headache of file handling? Believe me, it’s a lot bitter for the students, as they can’t hire a secretary to do their dirty job. Moreover, your studentship is “blessed” with the bonus profession of note-taking, can’t escape that. Now, think about an assistant ready to bear the burden of digital note-taking in words or audio form, drawing images, and organizing the mountain of the workload at free of cost. That’s what OneNote does for you. No doubt, it has reached the top of the popularity ladder.

Its wide range of features include tables, lists, thumbnails, photographs to store in a perfect manner. You can highlight the important parts of the large notes for quick revision. The built-in calculator works up on numbers written as 7 + 3, and puts the result automatically, even keeping the calculation history on that page. Also, you can share these files with friends for group studying.

To find a file out of the haystack, type a word in the search bar, and it presents all the files carrying that word in their names. Besides, OneNote offers more flexibility than MS Word, or your paper notebook, as it syncs through all your devices, having any OS environment. OneNote Download Link

2. Google Drive

Photo Credit: Google Drive

This free office suite with a cloud storage option is gaining more attention day by day over the pricey alternatives. The office suite is comprised of Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms.

The experience of writing an article for your assignment on Docs is no less than Word, and more. The versatility of tools, a variety of options for tables, charts, images, symbols, online page linking, and similar features help you to finish your project on literary works, or scientific paper bearing equations. Although, mathematical and statistical data analyzing ease up on Sheets. Even, organizing spreadsheets is a smooth encounter over this application. Review lecture notes, or arrange your presentation over Slides. Make your unique survey page with Forms.

Download Google Drive once in your device, and you don’t need to worry about losing any data, as it backs up automatically when a new file is created. The device-neutral technology sync and share all the documents easily through your Google account. Share anything with your teachers or friends just by using their email ID. Google Drive link

3. Grammarly

Photo Credit: Grammarly

We have done a fair share of writing, note-taking, and organizing work. Now it’s time to enhance their quality. What is the best option for that? No other than Grammarly. How? Well, the most useful feature is its grammar checking procedure. Download the app, create an account, and put your document over here. And, you are done. Grammarly will take care of every word written in your article.

It doesn’t make the corrections based only on grammar, but the spelling too. Suggests better expressions, understands the tone and purpose of the essay, and then gives you the perfect feedback on the quality of this paper. And all these features won’t cost you a single penny.

But, if you are concerned about plagiarism checkup, you need to spend some money over the premium version. Also, this paid version gives you a more fine correction on grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation throughout the article for complete proofreading work. If your institute offers the paid option, you don’t need to worry about individual subscriptions, as all of the students can be benefited from that organizational account. Get Grammarly Here

4. Wolfram Alpha

Photo Credit: Wolfram Alpha

This is one of the best apps for mathematical calculations, and statistical data analyzing jobs. Even if you deal with some occasional math works, you should consider this one.  But, that’s not the only thing it does.

If you are a research scholar, or simply working on your graduation assignment, you need this application. It is one-of-a-kind among research related works. This computational search engine uses the latest sophisticated algorithm, authentic knowledge base, and modern technology of artificial intelligence to run a fine comparison among all the expert-level information over a single topic. Moreover, you can find buttons showing the path for further details, and all the sources stacked at the bottom for the people who want to dig deep.

Also, it gives you the most resourceful data over any specific matter related to our everyday life. For example, finding out the calorie intake in your daily routine, tuning a musical instrument, or setting the fine features on a camera. Check out Wolfram Alpha

5. Duolingo

Photo Credit: Duolingo

Our last member of today’s list focuses on foreign language learning. According to its developers, it’s the most popular and interesting program covering this criterion. Every student suffers a lot in one or more language study sessions when they get confused about what resources to select. Now, when you don’t understand something, it becomes boring to spend time on them. Duolingo can save your day here by converting your study stuff into an interesting game.

The best way to learn new languages is to read interesting books on them. And this app gives you the opportunity for that with the feature of immediate translation, enriched vocabulary and grammar explanations all in one platform. And the best thing is that you don’t need to spend money on this free service. This app covers almost all the well-known languages including French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Irish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, and many more.

You don’t need to start from the basic sessions if you don’t want to. Take a test, see where you stand, and start from the exact level right after the one you passed. Be your own teacher alongside this application. Visit Duolingo Website here


Although we reached the end, there still remains a lot to discuss. Apps like Skype, Teamviewer, Microsoft To-Do, Write full, Anki Flashcards also boast up their way to a student’s computer. But, as we mentioned before, our sole purpose is not to make your mind crowded. So, we stop here to let you find out the rest of them to serve your definitive purpose. We will be waiting to see what you get.

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