Chromebook Buying Guide [How to Find the Best Model]

When it comes to Chromebook, one of the first questions you are likely to ask yourself is whether or not to buy one. This is because most laptop users are used to OS platforms such as Windows and Mac for years. If you are used to one particular OS platform, it is naturally hard to move on to another, because of the simple fact that you feel comfortable with what you are used to working on for a long time.

Chromebook runs on Google Chrome OS platform and most of the applications and features of this OS run on the internet. Chromebooks have become the trend, especially for students and youngsters. Younger users have started using Chromebook mainly because of its flexibility and the low cost that it brings to the table.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Chromebook

Before you go ahead and make a purchase, learn about and understand as much as you can about the Chromebook. Unlike other OS platforms that are not reliant on an internet connection, in this particular case, the internet is at the center of everything. You can find some apps that do support offline functionality, and while you could expect more to add up every now and then, at the moment, however, you cannot do much with a Chromebook without the internet. With this device, all the tasks you do will be on the cloud and can be accessed whenever you need it. As a result of this package, the hardware needed is less powerful, but that does not necessarily affect the performance in any way. As a matter of fact, it cuts down the price of the product considerably.


The processor plays a major role in determining the level of performance you can achieve from your device. It is the number one factor you should check in a Chromebook. The performance that you could extract out of the Chromebook will be based on the type of processor you have. A more advanced processor will give you top-class performance. Most of the Chromebooks come with either Pentium Celeron or any of the ‘i’ series processors. The ‘i’ series processors are much faster and better compared to others. In terms of RAM, a 4GB should be more than enough and anything under it will hinder your top performance.

Screen Quality

Some of the older models of Chromebooks do not support modern pixel configurations, which is why knowing the screen quality and the screen support that your Chromebook can deliver is very important. In some of the cheaper models, resolution and screen quality support might not even be decent at the least. A low pixel resolution can make the screen hard to look at over a long period of time. If you will be working on your Chromebook for continuous hours, then you better stick to the one that supports the best picture quality. 720p versions are worse than 1080p, whereas 2048 pixels deliver class-leading quality. Understand your work requirements and then choose the product accordingly.

Build Quality

Chromebooks are appealing mainly because of their attractive price tag, which leads to the problem of having a wide range of models launched in different build qualities, ranging from cheap and flimsy, going all the way up to the inclusion of metal design. Aluminum-based models are also gaining popularity in the market as they are known to be highly durable and sturdier.

Battery Life

Just like how performance is important for a Chromebook, battery life is equally important as well. Some of the models have long-lasting battery packs, whereas in a few you are likely to end up draining the juice a lot quicker, which may not be the right one for you. In terms of battery life, Dell Chromebooks are often known to deliver better. Acer and Asus come up as second and third, with closely good battery life.


Trackpad/keyboard is another major factor you need to check for before buying your Chromebook. A responsive trackpad/keyboard should be your choice, which can be known by the reviews of the product. If you will be visiting a retail store to purchase the Chromebook, you could check the quality of a person. However, for many users, touch and feel may not be as important as the durability of the trackpad. One common factor we found in most of the Chromebooks is that the keyboard layout is flat and wide, which might be a cause of concern for users who have smaller hands.


Design is something that varies in preference from one individual to another. A top-notch design will add a lifestyle appeal, and by going with the trend that Chromebooks are designed for youngsters, the design will play a major role in deciding the type of model you might need. In terms of design, they can be classified under 3 different categories – built for kids, mid-range options for everyday operations, and the most modern and latest versions. One of the modern design philosophies that have come up in this stream is the 2-in-1 design models, which can be used both as a notebook and a tablet. At the end of it all, the brand you choose to purchase also plays a huge role in the device’s design and durability.


Internal components of the device should be kept cool, and without proper cooling, you might end up overheating and eventually damaging the device. If you are someone who works long hours, then cooling should be one of your top priorities. Most of the modern Chromebooks have grooves that act as heatsinks rather than a conventional fan cooling mechanism.

Hard Drive

The reason why this particular factor is last on our list is that most of the Chromebooks use small SSD drives. As standard, you get 100GB Google cloud storage. If you need more space, then you need to add external hard drives.

Other Things to Remember

Price vs. Anonymity – Beware

As you all know, pricing is what makes Chromebooks sell in numbers, since it undercuts a lot of other OS-based laptops drastically. But, that alone should not be your consideration, because as most of you know, Google is known to collect user data in the form of metadata and sell it to online marketers, which is exactly what will happen every single time you start using Google search, email, cloud, etc. Having said that, there is no better hardware package like the one you would find in a Chromebook that delivers superior performance. If anonymity is not something you are worried about, then this is the gadget for you.

Never Buy for its Specifications Alone

Chromebook runs on Google Chrome OS, which is the only common factor amongst all the different Chromebooks from various manufacturers. There are many factors that differentiate them from one device to another, and of all, they differ in terms of the processor used, screen quality, and keyboard. Some Chromebooks run on the Celeron processor whereas the better ones run on the i5 processor, which should make them your number one choice. Screen quality and type of keyboard also matters since this is where you interact with the Chromebook to do all your activities; hence, select the one that is more comfortable for you to handle.


Ever since Chromebook was introduced by Google in the year 2011, internet users have started liking the overall performance and qualities on offer, which is one of the strong selling aspects of the device. With Android app support, Chromebooks have become more user-friendly and flexible. At present, in the market, you can find Chromebooks that come with a wide range of feature specs, designs, etc. Sort out and compare all the different models to find the one that desires you the most.

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