When is the Best Time to Buy Computer Parts?

Technology is something that gets improved and updated constantly and at a rapid pace. As a computer owner, you would naturally wish to have the best and latest computer technology at your disposal. But, at the pace at which computer-related technologies are modernized, no one has the budget to buy or build a whole new computer every single time.

Well, you don’t have to. Depending on the model of your computer, you should be able to upgrade it with new parts. But, even in this case, regardless of the feature you are looking to upgrade, from storage to graphics card or anything in between, you should be aware of the right time to buy computer parts in order to land the best deals and save a few bucks.

So, When is the Best Time to Buy Computer Parts?

Recurring Annual Sales

Remember the time when you waited to see the many Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to get that widescreen TV you have been eyeing for a long time? Yes, these are sales days that provide some amazing deals not just for products like TVs and appliances, but also for computer parts.

Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is undeniably one of the biggest recurring annual sales days, which takes place on the first Friday after thanksgiving. It is also known as a retailer’s holiday because there is no religious or cultural association to the day and is dedicated purely for shopping. Therefore, this is certainly one of the best times to buy computer parts, as retailers will be looking to clear their stocks.

Cyber Monday Sales

Cyber Monday is usually the Monday that follows Black Friday, and it is another recurring annual sales day when you can get some great discounts on computer parts. Whether you are looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse or a good quality hard drive, you will find some great bargains during this day.

Holiday Sales

Other not-to-miss sales days include those around the holidays, like Christmas and Easter. Being an international holiday, it is no wonder Christmas can bring some fantastic deals that could benefit you, and therefore, whether you need a computer part for yourself or for a tech-savvy family member or friend as Christmas present, you will get to save some money.

Easter is another holiday when retailers look to recycle their stock and fill their shelves with new ones. Therefore, keep an eye out during this time of the year as well.

Amazon’s Prime Day Sale

Though not as good as the other sales days, because the Prime Day Sale by Amazon has seen some opposition for their very average deals, you can still find some good options during their sales. The computer parts you find on sale on Amazon’s Prime Day Sale will usually be the same you find on other big sales days. But, when it comes to this sales day, it is wise to check the pricing offered by different retailers before making your purchase.

New Product Releases

When you need new parts for your computer, another factor you should consider in order to obtain some great deals is new product releases, which could be a major update or a relatively minor change to an existing component. Any new release of computer components will have a considerable impact on the pricing of the products’ previous generations, and this is especially the case with leading brands or manufacturers.

For instance, whenever Intel or NVIDIA introduces a new version or lineup of their CPU or GPU, their former products lineage will see a dip in price. This is because of the fact that in addition to manufacturers wanting to clear out the existing stock, retailers start showing more interest in liquidating their existing inventory in order to make room for the newer products, which typically come with a higher margin.

And when you are in the process of building a gaming computer, let’s say with an NVIDIA graphics card, you will buy the one that is the latest offering as of right now, but it will no longer be the same in a few weeks or a month’s time, after the brand introduces their newer generation GPU option. Of course, this new introduction doesn’t mean that the existing version of the graphics card will stop supporting the latest game titles. It is just that the new version will carry certain improvements over the older ones and can benefit you in different ways.

In order to land these deals, it is important that you stay updated with what’s happening in the computer technology and hardware world, gather information about any new releases announced by manufacturers, and the like to anticipate price drops. This technique not only gets you some great parts for your computer but also enables you to save a lot of money.

When it comes to waiting for new product releases, it is definitely worth taming your impulse and waiting a few months after the launch to make your purchase, because it will not only prevent you from making an outdated purchase but also stops you from making an unnecessary pre-order. This is because, when you give it some time, there will be a lot of reviews and ratings on the components you are looking to buy available for you to analyze, so you can make an informed choice on not just the components that will suit your needs, but also their brands. In addition, you will also come to learn about any issues with the newly introduced products, minor or major, that could affect your machine.

Daily Deals

Yes, you get the best of deals on computer parts during the recurring annual sales days. But, there are some websites, like Newegg and Amazon, that offer a small number of deals on a daily basis. While Newegg has their deals named Shell Shocker and Daily Deals, where the former is more exclusive, with 5 super deals a day, Amazon’s deals are names Today’s Deals and Lightning Deals. Apparently, Newegg tends to offer some better deals than Amazon. So, if you are in urgent need of a particular computer part, it is worth browsing through these sites to save big on your purchase.

For those who cannot afford to wait until the next big sales day, trying to save as much as you can with the daily deals offered by retailers would be the wise decision to make. Let’s say you are a content creator or a professional gamer; these are jobs that require the use of a computer at all times, and when yours breaks down or requires an upgrade to keep up with the changing demands and adopt the latest technology, you cannot possibly wait until the next Black Friday or Christmas Day sale to make your purchase. In such cases, you can benefit from these daily deals, which you will be aware of by constantly monitoring what retailers have to offer.

Back to School Sales

The Back to School season is yet another best time to buy computer parts. Typically running between August and September, this is the time when retailers extend some good deals to attract students and their parents who are in the market looking for a new computer, peripherals, and other components for their school needs. Even some of the big names in the industry, including Apple, Microsoft, etc., offer some attractive exclusive discounts to students, which you can avail if you are a student with a valid student ID or know someone who can help you with the purchase.

Parts with the Highest Discounts

In general, there are some computer parts that usually come with the highest discounts during these sales days. Some of these include:

  • Memory
  • SSDs and HDDs
  • Headsets
  • Keyboards, monitors, mice
  • Processors from some brands

Computer peripherals, such as keyboard, mouse, monitors, printers, etc., happen to be the products that always tend to receive the biggest price cuts during these sales days. On the other hand, when it comes to the core components of a computer, CPUs, RAM, power supplies, HDDs, and SSDs are the ones that come with heavily discounted price tags.

If you are building a PC and need a good motherboard, and of course, a proper graphics card to improve your machine, know that these components do not really come with significant price cuts. Therefore, if these are the only components you need to buy to complete the construction of your machine, then you could rather look at any available daily deal than waiting for a holiday or seasonal sale. But, if you are open to purchasing a pre-built machine, be it a computer or laptop, you will find more attractive deals on the market, which is usually the norm.

In addition to the specific day deals, you can also get additional discounts with coupons if you have any. And to improve your chances of saving some money, you can look at the manufacturer or retailer’s historical pricing and analyze their level of generosity during the sales periods. Ultimately, what pays off is your research and planning, and the best time to buy the computer parts you need depends on your circumstances, including the length of time you can afford waiting for the best deals.

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