10 Best Laptop Brands – 2020

Amongst thousands of laptops available in the market, only the best ones count. It’s not easy to find the best laptop as not many laptops bring steadfastness and are strong enough to perform according to your requirements. The vivid computer industry has something exciting to offer not just quality, but also integrity, significance, and value.

The market is filled with ample of sophisticated laptops that provide the best design and specifications. It is essential that you take things like durability, technical support, model, price, and features into consideration.

The process of finding the best laptop brands starts with the moment you decide to buy one; then start hours of internet surfing, finding brands with the qualities you prefer, and then deciding on professional opinions, and then deciding on the brand you intend to purchase.

Instead of this tiresome procedure, we bring you a finely sorted list of 10 latest laptop brands that define class, integrity, robustness, design, and everything you require on your laptop.

This list here follows a detailed guide representing the best laptop brands from which you can buy your desired laptop.

Best Laptop Brands

1. Apple

Apple - the best laptop brand
Credit: Apple

The leading brand in the laptop industry is Apple, and there is no denying that it’s everyone’s primary choice. It’s a luxurious brand with gadgets like tablets, smartphones, music players, laptops, and computers. The best thing about an Apple laptop is they provide their own Mac OS, pre-installed on their products like iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and more.

With an excellent customer care service, Apple is widely recognized for its integrity, a user-friendly interface, design, supremacy, and presentation. The latest MacBook Pro offers super-fast performance with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640-650, one of the best in the market. The laptops by Apple are attractive and classy, with no competition in the market.

2. Lenovo

Credit: Lenovo

An ideal laptop, to say the least, Lenovo is one of the best laptop brands preferred by professional gamers, scholars, and entrepreneurs. The classy laptops by Lenovo have always made a huge impact on the market with their great bendy design, specifications, and strength. Features like graphics, touchpad, display, keyboard, and excellent audio quality are what define Lenovo.

After the startling success of their laptops, the company has dived into the world of smartphones with features like long-lasting batteries and user-friendly interfaces. It’s been more than 20 years since Lenovo started their journey with products like desktops, projectors, and monitors. They have now introduced an excellent collection of laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

3. Dell

best laptop brands
Credit: AnandTech

The one thing an individual wants after purchasing a laptop is a better technical and after-sales support, and Dell provides you with it. Laptops by Dell are inexpensive with well-built design and hardware. The XPS series of laptops proved to be a game-changer for Dell.

To add fuel to this success, Dell launched the Inspiron notebooks series. For professional gamers, they have launched Alienware that still holds the top rating in the market. The best thing about Dell is their customer support, super-strong design, affordable prices, and robustness.

4. Asus

Credit: SlashGear

When compared to other brands in the market, Asus stands out for its inexpensive laptops and in-house production of motherboards. If you intend to purchase a budget-friendly laptop for everyday use, try their mini-laptops and Chromebooks. As for gamers, they offer the Asus ROG.

The Taiwanese brand offers a high-quality HD display, significant storage drives, four hours of battery life, and advanced technical support.

5. HP

Credit: Digital Trends

HP owns the market since almost the beginning of technology. It is one of the oldest brands that still provide efficient desktops and laptops preferred by professionals and gamers. Since it’s an old brand, it stands better than brands like Asus, Dell, and Acer in terms of abidance and performance.

If we keep its battery life aside, laptops by HP are still in the business with popular models like Envy, Elite, Pavilion, and Spectre. The production of the brand is not limited to just desktops and laptops, but they also produce monitors, printers, pen drives, hard drives, etc. To conclude, HP is still a great choice for common everyday uses.

6. Acer

Quite popular and offering the best value for money, Acer is a Chinese brand that has gained immense popularity for its reasonably-priced laptops. Acer has manipulated the laptop market with its low-budget laptops, starting for just $150. They don’t just produce budget-friendly laptops, but premium notebooks, and heavy gaming laptops as well.

The famous Aspire series by Acer has over a hundred notebooks in its kitty. Apart from its Aspire series, Acer offers a basic design, decent build, and adequate performance. All in all, it’s a great choice for scholars.

7. MSI

Credit: wccftech

Heaven for gamers, MSI is a trusting name in the gaming community.  It’s quite popular for providing the best big-ticket gaming laptops. You need not think about a specific budget if you wish to purchase an MSI gaming laptop as they have nothing as budget-friendly laptops. While the brand offers expensive models, there is no denying the quality of these models, which is tremendous.

The best thing about MSI is that they don’t stop after launching a model. They believe in innovations, and they keep on coming up with attractive features in their products. MSI defines class and integrity. With their exclusive graphics and latest hardware, MSI is a unique brand that has so much to offer to its customers.

8. Microsoft

Credit: Trusted Reviews

One of the oldest brands in the market, Microsoft is an American company that has produced its star product, i.e., the Microsoft Surface Book. Microsoft is known for its Windows OS, used by a large number of computers. They have produced a few products for professionals with a range of their products being expensive. Their latest model is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 that’s light in weight and has a slender body with a strong built. Since Microsoft is an older company, one can trust on their reliability and uprightness.

Their support desk is always available online through their social networking sites. Apart from its powerful software, Microsoft offers applications like MS Office, MS Word, Skype, and more. To wind up, Microsoft is a trustworthy brand that makes it into our list of top brands of 2019 with its battery back -up of 12 hours and its impeccable design.

9. Toshiba

Credit: Sears

If you want to buy a laptop for your everyday use, go for Toshiba. For users seeking out a basic laptop with almost every necessary feature, Toshiba is a perfect choice. Their latest Satellite C series has captured the market’s interest with its feather-light and thin laptops. They provide laptops that are not just strong but are also long-lasting.

Their customer support service has fairly improved a lot. Toshiba’s previous impact on the market was not up to the mark; however, the Japanese company has shown tremendous progress over the past few years. Their Chromebooks have been sold off well and hence; it is one of the best laptops in the industry.

10. Samsung

Credit: TheVerge

The last brand on our list is Samsung. The Korean brand Samsung is not just limited to laptops, but also tablets, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, and refrigerators. Samsung rules the electronics industry, but their laptops still require a fan base. Due to its poor battery life and design, people refrain from buying Samsung laptops.

Some popular laptops under the brand are ATIV Book 9 Pro and ATIV Book 9 Plus. Sure the specifications and design are great, but they offer poor warranty and customer support. Thus, a laptop from Samsung is highly not recommended.

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