Best Gaming PC Under $800 (July 2020)

When it comes to pricing a self-built, especially in the case of a gaming PC, it is quite difficult, as sometimes even an expensive budget won’t be enough to satisfy your requirements. Setting a budget is key, because if you do not, then you’d end up making a lot of unwanted pre-build component purchases and still end up with a low-performance gaming PC.

Finding the best gaming PC under $800 is considered to be a middle-range pricing budget for developing a gaming PC. A well-balanced gaming rig that is great value for money and delivers solid gaming performance can be achieved when you have an $800 budget for the build.

The $800 budget will help you build the best priced mid-range gaming PC for sure. All the existing, latest and updated versions of all the popular and upcoming games can be played on this best gaming PC under $800 build even on an extreme game setting.

Ultra-performance, speed, graphics, and picture quality is what all of us are after when it comes to gaming PC builds. If you are in the market looking for a pre-build, then you should spend at least a grand to get the same level of quality and performance that you could achieve from your $800 build.

Build Analysis

If you have a budget of around $800, then we can guarantee you that you have more than adequate money to build a strong performance gaming laptop. As a matter of fact, games can be played under ultimate settings too, which is regarded to be the best settings to play most of the modern games.

A pre-build surely won’t stand a chance to compete, or if not, match the gaming performance that the gaming PC build that we are going to discuss below should deliver. We can also assure you that best-in-class gaming performance can be achieved using the below-discussed best gaming PC under $800.

Some of you might think $800 is not going to deliver a solid gaming performance, but to the contrary, it is only going to give you strong high-end performance at this price point. All the high-end AAA games can be played in 1080p picture quality. Such no-compromise graphics and picture quality is exactly what you need when you are planning on playing your favorite AAA games.

The quality of the components and the gaming performance capabilities that these components are going to deliver are not going to be ultra-high-end but should deliver a strong FPS quality. A solid GPU can also be added to this build, and this combination of reliable and solid performance-based CPU and GPU is certainly going to deliver around 65FPS, at the maximum, which is more than adequate for 1080p gaming resolution.

VR gaming capabilities are also going to be good. The high clock speeds, threads, and other performance altering factors are certainly going to play a major role in VR gaming entertainment, which we are sure that, with some minor tweaks or upgrades, in the future can also turn out to be a strong package for VR gaming in particular.

Our main focus in this particular build has been to incorporate a strong CPU and GPU. We have not considered using a high storage SSD option since we feel that it can be upgraded when you need more space for storing games in the future. We have focused on achieving the best gaming performance, which is what most of the users expect from this mid-range gaming PC build.

We have also shortlisted AMD processor over Intel for this particular build and the main reason for that is simple; it is not that AMDs are more reliable and perform better than Intel, as they are more or less similar in terms of performance and future upgrade possibilities.

We strongly feel that AMD is a better price-to-performance alternative over Intel. The multi-threading feature that AMD processors deliver makes them an ideal choice for a mid-range gaming PC build.

Gaming PC Components – Testing and Selection Process

As most of you would agree, it is quite difficult to put together a set of components known to work in the best fashion, especially in the gaming scheme of things. The general misconception that most gamers have is that the more money you spend on gaming PC builds, the more performance you could extract, which is not exactly true.

Finding the right components and building them together requires experience and a unique set of skills. New components and updates to the existing PC components are launched quite often these days and all of that turns out to become a major challenge for our team of experts.

Our technical team of experts has tested all the components we are going to discuss below for both quality and performance, so they deliver the same level of performance throughout and are reliable too. A combination of price, performance, quality, durability, compatibility, etc. have to be taken into consideration when putting all these components together.

The needs of the gamer are put as a priority and the PC build is derived around it, so a cohesive and reliable package can be expected from us. This particular gaming PC build for $800 can be used for extreme gaming entertainment and also for everyday computing duties.

We know that gamers with this particular budget won’t always be using the PC solely for gaming, so an all-round PC is what you get from this build. Now, let us focus our attention on the different components required for this gaming PC build.

Best Gaming PC Under $800 (Build Components)

AMD Ryzen 5 3600
XFX RX 5500 XT Thicc II Pro
Patriot Viper 4 Blackout Series
Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming MOBO
Power Supply
Cooler Master 750W PSU
Phanteks Eclipse Steel ATX Mid Tower

We have managed to create this package to fit around the $800 budget, without compromising on performance value for the price. We are pretty confident that you won’t be able to put in a better component package at this price point. As always, all the prices mentioned above are for brand new components in the current market conditions.

The prices are subject to change and you could even expect attractive discounts and promotions, especially during festivals and other special occasions, which should cut down the prices even more, so look out for that. Let us now discuss each of these components in detail.

Gaming PC Build – Detailed Analysis

Every single component we have shortlisted above is worth every penny spent on it and that is what makes this the perfect mid-range gaming PC build. As mentioned above, we have given emphasis to CPU and GPU more than others in order to extract the best gaming performance from the build.


We have gone for the super-popular AMD processors, which is what most of the gaming laptop builders opt for since it is the best value for money CPU you could buy in the market right now. The Ryzen 5 3600 processor is a solid performance-oriented unit perfectly suitable for intense AAA games and ultra-mode play settings. The 6 cores and 12 threads give it great flexibility in the performance that one could extract from the processor.

As with most of the Ryzen 5 processors, a strong performance-oriented wraith stealth cooler also comes with the CPU. You can enjoy a standard 65FPS gaming quality for sure. The processor has the ability to run even at 100 FPS and ultimate performance settings, which enable you to have the ultimate fun playing all your favorite games.

The processor supports overclocking, which enables high-performance gaming and can deliver a maximum boost speed of 4.2 GHz. This processor component has everything you ever need for this particular build.



The next key component is the graphics card and here we have selected the high performance-oriented XFX RX 500 XT Thicc II Pro that comes with a graphics memory of 8GB GDDR6, which is ample for intense games.

At this price point, you’d be able to find a lot of 6GB graphics memory-based GPU, but to get a high-performance unit with 8GB one is certainly great for AAA games and high settings playing. The twin fan setup here ensures that the unit stays cool for optimum gaming performance even after hours of intense gaming sessions.

The unit has a maximum boost clock speed of 1845MHz, which is also great for high intense games. The 6MM copper composite heat-pipes ensure optimum cooling, and this one has 4 of those, so performance should never get interrupted. Open-air design is a kind of standard across all major brands and it is found to enhance the overall gaming performance considerably.



We have also shortlisted the super popular Patriot Viper 2 X 8GB RAM for this particular gaming PC build. This one is the blackout series and can deliver a frequency of 3000MHz. The twin 8GB DDR4 setup from the brand also comes with automatic XMP 2.0 overclocking.

The styling is sleek and modern and the performance is also high standards. The black heat shield design ensures excellent heat dissipation. Performance, durability, and quality are a sure thing with this RAM.



For storage, we have opted for the widely preferred and highly reliable WD 3D NAND Internal PC SSD storage solution in its 500GB version. Like mentioned earlier, it is always better to have more storage space, but that comes at a price, which is not possible to accommodate this price range.

You have the option of upgrading the storage from the same brand with up to 4TB of storage in the future depending on your gaming needs. This internal storage option is reliable and comes with the latest storage technologies for enhanced performance. The brand is also offering a limited 5 years warranty on this product. The software also helps you manage the storage in a better fashion and is free to download.


MOBO (Motherboard)

Asus ROG Strix B450-F is the motherboard we have shortlisted for this build, and although it has been around for a couple of years now, it is still the benchmark in terms of gaming performance and quality it delivers. Speed and connectivity options are pretty good, so gaming performance is solid.

Overclocking, cooling, and strong performance are the main highlights of this particular MOBO. It also comes with a unique Aura RGB Sync lighting effect. This motherboard ticks all the boxes for this build, as it is highly rated across all aspects, such as performance, design, technology, customization, overclocking, and much more. This ATX motherboard perfectly blends in this particular build.



Cooler Master is known for its quality and reliability, which are key for PSU. We have shortlisted the 750W MasterWatt Semifanless 80+ Bronze certified PSU. This semi-modular power supply unit is what is required for this build. The fan is super quiet and stays dustproof, and also ensures that the unit stays cool at all times.

It uses the modern dual-stage DC-to-DC and forward design. The 16AWG PCl-e cables used here are superconductive and thick enough to be compatible with some of the modern GPU and other components. The brand is also known for its standard 5-year manufacturer warranty.



We have opted for a mid-tower case for this build from the brand Phanteks, which happens to be the best casing that perfectly fits in our budget and also delivers a strong performance like no other. The Eclipse P300A is given a metal mesh finish, which looks great and is functional too.

The case uses a high airflow design, so cooling is pretty much guaranteed. It comes with a 120mm fan and has plenty of space for component, cable, and cooling management. The side has a tempered glass finish for see-through and monitoring of all the components.

The HDD storage trays can be front-loaded and the unit also has 4 X SSD slots, so future upgradability is on the cards. The design is convenient and ensures that everything falls in place, resulting in better handling.

We have compiled all the best components for this build you can get for around $800. Most of your existing peripherals should do just fine for this gaming PC build, and if you are having a bit more money in hand, then you can certainly go for dedicated gaming-specific peripherals and enhance the overall experience.



We are pretty confident that this is the best gaming PC under $800 budget and should be perfect for most of you. This build can deliver both 1080p and 1440p, 40-65 FPS, high intensity, maximum settings-based gaming experience without fail.

Although compromises are made here and there, they are minor and should not bother you in any way. You have all the future upgrading possibilities, and the ability to play even some of the latest high-intensity games in the ultimate setting makes it the best gaming PC build for $800.

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