Best Gaming PC Under $500 Build (Budget Friendly)

A gaming PC will always be an enticing purchase for the user since the level of fun and entertainment you could extract from the device is unreal. All the popular games, existing games, upcoming updates, and new games are always going to be exciting, which is why it is important to have a solid PC to extract the maximum performance.

Owning a gaming PC is a dream come true for many, but all of us don’t have big pockets to go for the expensive and extreme performance models and pre-builds. We are going to discuss the best gaming PC under $500. You might not believe it, but we have managed to bring to you a build at the pricing, and know that maximum performance at this budget can be extracted from these components.


Price per performance is the mantra behind our build suggestion here, and we can guarantee you that the quality and performance delivered by these components are surely going to be satisfying. We are sure that for most of you reading this article, this should be your first gaming PC build or an upgrade over your existing cheaper build.

The best gaming PC under $500 budget might not sound much, but it is a lot of money for some people, and we have made sure to justify the pricing and have shortlisted the best of all the components for the build. Before you read any further, just remember for a fact that gaming PC builds need not be expensive and they don’t need an expensive investment always.

How We Build the Gaming PC

The way we went ahead shortlisting the best PC components for this gaming build is quite simple. We didn’t want to complicate, and all we focused on spending the bulk of the money was on CPU, graphics card, RAM, and MOBO. That does not mean other components were cheap or not high quality.

The four components mentioned above are key for the gaming PC build and price should not compromise its performance greatly. We have also made sure that all the components used for the build can be upgraded in the future for an enhanced gaming experience.

PC Component Selection

All the components we are going to discuss below are shortlisted based on detailed examination, testing, evaluation of their performance, quality, and long-term durability. Although the components are shortlisted based on the budget of $500, we have made sure that they perform at their very best.

Strong gaming performance and efficiency are very important for gaming. Our team of technical experts has relied on their personal experiences, taken input from experts in the field, and have also tested the components for optimum performance across different scenarios.

We also would like to bring to your notice that the gaming PC build we are suggesting under $500 uses the Intel processor, which is kind of the contrary to what most other builds would suggest. AMD processors should be a perfect fit especially on a budget scale, but we have managed to pack in Intel i5 processor here.

You might not associate an i5 processor unit to perform better, but we can assure you that this particular package delivers a strong gaming performance and quality. Now let us focus our attention on the different PC components for this gaming PC build under $500.

Best Gaming PC Under $500 (Build Components)

Intel Core i5-9400
XFX Radeon RX570 RS XXX Edition
Patriot Viper Steel Series
ASRock H310M-HDV
AeroCool Bolt-G-BK Mid Tower
Power Supply
Thermaltake Smart 500W

Build Breakdown

Before we start to discuss the individual components for this build, we’d like to share our thoughts on why we opted for a separate CPU and GPU rather than an integrated unit. An integrated component might have cut down the costs considerably, and at the same time, it should have brought down the overall performance too, which is why we have gone for a separate unit.

We strongly feel that the price you pay for each of these two components should prove valuable and justified the moment you start playing your favorite game. If you are used to an APU system then you’d know the difference in this build instantly.


For the processor, we have gone for the Intel 10th generation Core i5-9400, which, as mentioned earlier, is kind of a different route compared to what most budget gaming PC builders suggest. We did want to give you a different, and in essence, a better option than the conventional budget AMD processor option.

The 9th gen Intel i5 processor is a perfect complement for this whole build and is compatible with all the components. This one has 6 cores and threads and delivers a turbo boost performance of 4.1GHz. The varying clock speed of 2.9 to 4.1 GHz does provide a wide operating range.

Intel UHD 630 Graphics is also part of this component, so you get great value for your money. The turbo boost technology and Optane memory features make this a perfect tool for intense gaming.



Graphics card is the first component that should come to your mind when you think of building a gaming PC. Gaming is completely reliant on the GPU for picture quality and performance. If you are able to pack in the right graphics card for this cheap build, you could extract the best gaming performance at a level above.

We have shortlisted the AMD XFX Radeon RX570 RS XXX edition, which is capable of handling even some intense games. This 8GB GDDR5 graphics card dedicated RAM comes with dual BIOS support and supports VR gaming entertainment.

The XFX series of AMD gaming processors are known for their excellent cooling and heat dissipation. Overclocking is also supported by true clock technology and OC+. The 3 X DP HDMI DVI gives you excellent connectivity options too.



We have gone for a single stick 8GB DDR4 RAM from the brand Patriot Viper Steel, which should be more than enough for the best gaming PC under $500 build. This single module RAM has a frequency range starting from 2133MHz and goes all the way up to 3000MHz, which gives flexibility in the performance metrics.

This brand is also compatible across all AMD and Intel processors, so compatibility is excellent and allows you to make future upgrades if necessary. The aluminum heat shield-based design construction makes it the perfect choice for gaming. You can also add modules in the future for achieving enhanced performance.



When it comes to storage, we always include an ADATA SSD storage option, as it is more versatile, strong, and reliable. It also comes with a wide range of storage options, making it a perfect option even for future upgrades. If you go for Kingston or other branded internal SSD storage options, you might not be able to make an upgrade in the future.

The SU635 series of 2.5” internal SSD storage is compatible with most of the tower cases too. This brand is known to deliver optimum performance in all conditions, without causing any noise, heat, or vibrations. The unit is also shockproof and lighter in weight, so cooling should not be an issue. All your gaming data and files are going to stay safe and secure with the use of this SSD storage.


MOBO (Motherboard)

We have selected the ASRock Intel H310CM-HDV, as this is the compatible motherboard for the CPU and GPU components we have discussed above. DDR4 2666 is supported and it also supports all of the 8th and 9th gen processors, so an upgrade towards i7 or i9 processor in the future is certainly on the cards.

The output connectivity options include HDMI, D-sub, and DVI-D. A solid mainstream performance can be expected from this motherboard, and considering the price, this is the best MOBO for this build.


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For a budget of $500, we can only go for a mid-tower gaming PC case, which should be more than enough. AeroCool Bolt-G-BK is one of the stunning looking mid-tower cases in the market. The tempered glass finish on the left side of the case makes the unit look stunning. The front panel houses an RGB LED lighting strip, which is also unique and striking.

This LED lighting strip also comes with 13 lighting preset options, which can be altered using the LED button according to the user preference. The front panel is given a carbon fiber finish so the overall finish and feel of the case are quite futuristic and amazing. The dual-chamber design is known for providing excellent ventilation.

For added ventilation, you also have the option of installing fans all around the case, which is a clever innovative design. The slots in this case also support even high-end graphics and coolers, so future upgrades can be done without having to make another case shopping.



The power supply unit we have shortlisted for this budget gaming PC build is the Thermaltake Smart 500W unit, which is 80+ white certified. The component also comes with a built-in 120mm cooling fan which keeps the temperatures under control and prevents overheating, which is crucial for achieving a consistent performance from the part.

80+ certification means, the PSU is 80% power efficient under normal load conditions. It comes equipped with all the power industry protection components, such as overload protector, overpower protector, short circuit, etc. Thermaltake is also offering a 5-year product warranty on this PSU.


Factors to Consider Before Buying a Gaming PC Under $500

We have discussed our version of the best gaming PC under $500. The level of performance you can expect from these components is truly amazing for the price.

You might have to compromise on certain aspects of this build, but that is a given considering the affordability factor. These are the components you can expect at this price point, and by now, you should have realized whether or not this is the build for you.

If you have added money to purchase, then you can very well spend a bit more for achieving added performance. Every single hardware component we have discussed is the best and they work in harmony for consistent performance.

We have also taken into consideration several factors, such as overclocking, future upgrades, ease of building, build quality, and overall performance for this build. This particular PC build should not only be suitable for playing your favorite games but should also help you handle all your everyday computing needs efficiently.

Possible Gaming Options

We also would like to give you information on the different games you could play using this particular PC build. Most of the popular games like Counter-Strike, Fortnite, GTA V, Hitman,  Forza Horizon, The Witcher, Overwatch, Dota, Warframe, etc. can be enjoyed using this build without facing any problems whatsoever.

We are also pretty sure that any latest updates on these games and new games launched can also be played effectively. Likewise, a Prebuilt gaming PC that costs just around $500 might not be able to match this particular build for performance and overall quality. Custom prebuilt PCs do have compromises on a few components, which is not the case with respect to this particular PC build.


We are sure that this discussion on budget gaming PC build for just around $500 is useful and gave you all the information you need in making the right decision. Of course, a bump in the budget should certainly improve the overall quality and performance, but that will always be in the back of our minds even when we build an expensive $2000 PC build.

An immersive VR gaming experience and 1080p video gaming quality can be achieved from this budget build for sure. An entry-level gamer can buy these components and build their very own gaming monster in just under a couple of hours. The process of building your own PC is going to be exciting and the fun element is what makes even pro gamers opt this route, rather than the conventional prebuilt gaming PCs.

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