We at LaptopDiscovery value brands and its products. Based on what our readers like, we have introduced Awards on our website. Since a huge percentage of our reader base search for “Top 10” type product queries, we thought it would be easy for our audience to just take a look at the most recommended product and the product which offers the best value for money.

Awards we offer include:

LaptopDiscovery's Recommended Product

Best Value for Money

How we Choose Product for Awards?

  • We stress test the laptop by playing medium to high-level games (if it’s a gaming laptop)
  • We try to edit 4k videos and monitor the rendering speed achieved
  • We study the benchmarks for a variety of reasons
  • We test the battery backup of the laptop
  • We perform durability test
  • We check the keyboard and trackpad quality
  • We research shopping websites and forums to find out what people love about the product and how the product has helped them.

PS: We don’t test each and every laptop we mention on our list. We (including our writers) research around the web to find what’s worth buying and present it to you in a simple and concise manner. Our mission is to make your buying process as simple as possible.

If you have any doubts regarding the laptop mentioned or even the one that you wish to buy, you can contact us anytime > here

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