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LaptopDiscovery is a website, which is wholly centered to help the readers buy the perfect laptop or PC Hardware for their needs. It is run by a team of enthusiastic laptop and PC hardware specialists who shortlist and compile the list of best laptops and other PC hardware under different price segment and for a different purpose.

The website covers detailed laptop buying guides, to assist you in the right direction. One can also find the laptop within a specified budget or for a dedicated task from our authentic and constantly updated guides. We assure that you find the perfect match for yourself.

How We Choose Laptops?

Every laptop noted in our laptop buying guides is thoroughly reviewed by the experts and is also expected to pass through our quality checking guidelines list. We try using every laptop possible here at our office and also compile the data about what people says after using a particular laptop so that we could provide the readers with unbiased and genuine laptop reviews.

Other than processor test, data transfer speed test, battery life test, brightness level test, touchpad and trackpad test the laptops included on our website are also tested for reliability and durability. Also, we include only the best laptops that are manufactured by renowned laptop brands.

With our extensive guide, we try our best to help you make a very informed purchase of your next laptop that also, provides the best value for your money.

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Our Team

About us

Aashima Gupta

Senior Content Manager & Author

Being a Senior Content Manager and author, she keeps an eye on changing technologies and manages all the updates on LaptopDiscovery.

Abhishek Kalra

Senior Editor

Experimenting with Laptops and PC hardware from last 8 years, I'm pretty confident about what specs works great when it comes to buying a new machine or upgrading the older one.

Soumya Chatterjee

Contributing Author

Soumya is LaptopDiscovery's Wordsmith. He loves taking up challenges and proves everyone with his work. He not only writes tech; but feels it too. 

Subhasree Dutta

Contributing Author

"Data is not fried. It’s crunchy. That’s why I live data, and love to churn it to extract the exact thing it says to us."

Mani Darshan

Contributing Author

If you've read the detailed buying guides on our website, there's a probability he's behind those writings. Tech flows in his blood.

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